Amepox Microelectronics Ltd. (AXMC) was launched in 1991 to manufacture special materials (conductive adhesives) for electronics and microelectronics industries. AXMC is located in Lodz, the second major city in Poland.

From very beginning the Amepox Microelectronics production programme includes different types of silver powder and flake with the highest metallic and ionic purity, including those with traces below 5 ppm of copper (the preparation of new types of silver is currently being finalized).

Company production programme include several groups conductive materials as well as:
  • electrically conductive, glass-silver pastes Printopox for firing (or fusing) into silica type wafers (especially for Solar Cell applications) and or to other type of ceramics.
  • flexible pastes Electon - which are electrically conductive and flexible after polymerization and may be used in manufacturing membrane switches and elastic printed circuits.
  • ECA material group (electrically conductive silver-epoxy) with the trade name Elpox, to aid in the formation of solid joints (die attached) in industry sectors such as optoelectronics, electronics and microelectronics.
  • thermally conductive and electrically insulating pastes with the Thermopox name. Amepox is currently working on materials with the highest conductivity with special prepared fillers and nano size fillers.
  • Fluxopox is the name of pastes conducting magnetic flux, but this paste has also anti-radiolocation properties.
  • Amepox Microelectronics is working with electrically conductive, polymer base pastes, Eco-Solder (ECS) trademark. These replace the previously popular tin/lead-type soldering pastes, and are completely safe (Pb-free) for both productions staff and the environment. They do not require the use of harmful organic solutions in the production process.
Since 2000 Amepox Microelectronics is working very strongly with Nanotechnology – which is right now the main direction for future development. Our work at this field gave to us very significant achievements. Amepox R&D work allowed to develop technology for atomic size silver powder production. Our nano silver has size between 3 – 8 nm, and with this nano filler we can offer new range of very novel products.

New technology, new products, new strategy and new markets - this is Amepox MC goal.

Amepox Microelectronics is very attractive for cooperation with reason size of the Company, intellectual potential and production flexibility. The knowledge and experience of our employees are very important for the development of new products.


AXMC location is exactly in the middle of Poland (Lodz is the second biggest city in Poland), and this is region with the highest increasing of production activity. We have good connection to highways and airport.

Amepox Microelectronics is working very closely with number of Institutes and High Technical Universities in Poland and Europe.

We are very open for establishing different type of cooperation and for future successful work.

Amepox Microelectronics, Ltd. 90-268 £ód¼ Jaracza str.6 Poland Phone: + 4842 6332202; Phone/Fax. +4842 6326957

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