Nanosilver & nanotechnology

The nanotechnology can be described as activity in the field of atomic size of range (or molecular up to macromolecular levels). This range includes approximately from 1 up to 100 nanometers size.

This is very important to understand all phenomena connected with material properties such a small parts (sometimes several atoms) of matter. This is reason that nanotechnology needs a very strong cooperative multidisciplinary experts work. Major efforts include nano-electronics, which aims to develop active and passive circuits, chips from molecular building blocks, nano-biotechnology, which aims to develop medicines, markers, and devices from molecular level engineering and nanomaterials, which aims to develop precision engineered nanoscale materials for a wide range of industries.

Amepox started own R7D work on nanotechnology field from 2000 and up to now we have some very significant achievements. Amepox developed own technology for production nano size silver (several atoms size) and a number of formulations with nano silver as filler. Our future activity will be strongly connected with this new and the faster growth segment of market.

On attached video is showed a slow motion shoot action of Amepox nano ink AX JP-6n by Ink Jet dispenser.

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